Fire Services

The Fire Services Division is responsible for supporting the operation of the Greenville City Fire Department and includes the following:

Firefighter moving fan at fire scene

Deputy Fire Chief’s Office - the Deputy Fire Chief is responsible for fire department operations and budgeting, as well as oversight of the other department divisions.

Special Operations Division - comprised of the Special Operations Chief, HAZMAT Coordinator, Health & Safety Officer, and Rescue Coordinator. This division is responsible for the planning, response, and recovery from aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF), hazardous materials and technical rescue incidents. Additional responsibilities include all emergency preparedness, local / state / federal grant, health and safety, and special event programs for the fire department. The Special Operations Division also provides coordination and support to the Greenville County Emergency Response Team (GCERT), Regional Hazardous Materials Team, and the South Carolina Task Force 6 Urban Search and Rescue Team.

Training Division – comprised of the Chief of Training, the Training Officer and three Shift Training Officers (STO). This division is responsible for all training for the department. The STOs are responsible for delivering and tracking the company level training for their shift, as well as assisting with recruit orientation, which is required for all new hires.

Fire Mechanics Division - comprised of the Chief Fire Mechanic and the Assistant Fire Mechanic. This division maintains all of the department’s vehicles and equipment by performing critical repairs and preventative maintenance programs on all vehicles.

Accreditation Manager - responsible for the department’s accreditation through the Center for Public Safety Excellence, the Accreditation Manager coordinates self-assessment projects and maintains annual compliance reports for accreditation. This position is also responsible for Geographic Information Services projects for the department, as well as most data analysis projects.

Medical Compliance and Quality Assurance Officer
- responsible for the quality assurance of the medical records management system and for managing the medical credentialing of EMTs and paramedics, this position coordinates in-service training and records the continuing education hours for each EMT.

Resource Management - tasked with coordinating the procurement and payment of all budget items for the department, the Resource Manager is the administrator of the record management system and is the officer in charge of supplies and uniforms.

Transitional Work Personnel – in most cases, this includes employees on light duty due to injury.