Strategic Plan

Fire Strategic Plan Cover

The Greenville City Fire Department’s strategic plan vision is to provide world-class emergency response services to the citizens and visitors of the City of Greenville. As a forward-thinking department, we will pursue service delivery enhancements to maximize efficiency and operations. The department will also implement communication programs that deliver appropriate, transparent, and beneficial information to the community.

In pursuit of continuous improvement, we will improve our training and preparation for the challenges of the future. Recognizing that our greatest resource is our people, we will make every effort to develop, support, mentor, and prepare our personnel to be the best they can be. Our concept is to achieve this through appropriate succession planning, comprehensive health and wellness measures, and effective internal communication systems. We envision a department that recruits, welcomes, and retains new, inventive personnel with expertise and demonstrative values of commitment and compassion.

We will be an initiative-focused department that builds a collaborative environment of excellence through individual and organizational accountability to deliver our mission, live our values, and make this vision a reality.

Strategic Initiatives


  • Improve and enhance the department’s service delivery model.
  • Build and strengthen strategic partnerships.


  • Identify all types and avenues of internal communication to ensure all possible breaks in the communication chain are identified.
  • Establish a means to ensure an effective, accurate, and high-quality bi-directional communication system.


  • Evaluate and analyze the current training programs, facilities, and personnel to create baseline information for use in training and education division improvement.
  • Create and implement solutions based on the needs assessment for programs, facilities, and personnel.


  • Identify gaps in recruitment and retention processes and determine areas of improvement.
  • Build retention program elements that provide an invested, engaged, and quality workforce.


  • Identify current issues affecting external communications with customers and stakeholders.
  • Develop a communication delivery process for disseminating information to external customers.


  • Quantify accident, injuries, and illnesses and their underlying causes to establish a baseline to evaluate the current program’s effectiveness.
  • Establish health and wellness programs to improve the quality of life of departmental personnel.


  • Develop a formal structured system for mentoring and future promotions.
  • Obtain continual feedback and ongoing assessment of programs to meet department and personnel needs.


  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the current deployment model.
  • Create and implement solutions based on needs assessment for staffing and deployment model.

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