Juvenile Fire Starters

Most children are fascinated with fire, and while this is a normal curiosity, it can lead to unsafe behaviors. All it takes is one match to spell disaster. Children under six are most likely to accidentally start fires that can kill them or their family members.

firefighter operating a fire hose to dose a home on fire

Children who play with matches or lighters are frequently injured, sometimes severely, resulting in life-long scars and physical limitations. Warning signs of children who are starting fires include burned toys or other objects, burned matches and missing lighters. Don't assume your child will outgrow this phase. Intervene early to curb this behavior, or it may be too late. Injuries or death can result from one fire.

The Greenville City Fire Department has a team of specialists who can help intervene with juvenile fire starters. If you suspect that your child is playing with fire, please call the Fire Department at 864-467-4450.