Civil Engineering Projects

The City’s engineering staff plans, designs and manages capital improvement projects, including storm and sewer infrastructure projects, and roadway improvements.

Projects Underway

Fairforest Way

Fairforest Way is slated for road widening, landscaping and lighting, from Ridge Road to Laurens Road.

Fairforest Way

McDaniel Avenue

Landscaped islands and bump-outs will be added to McDaniel Avenue to improve safety and add bicycle improvements.

Photo of McDaniel Avenue

Street Resurfacing

The city's ongoing pavement management program resurfaces and rehabilitates city roadways. Details on Street Rehab

Photo of a truck laying black top along a roadway

New Sidewalks

New city sidewalks are managed via the NSTEP Program.

Photo of new sidewalk after installation on a city street

The Woodruff Road Bypass

A new road, the Woodruff Road Bypass, will run parallel to Woodruff Road and improve traffic flow through the area.

Map showing location of PNG Connector road

Haywood Road

The city will install sidewalks along Haywood Road, from the Haywood Mall entrance to the existing walkway in front of Haverty's furniture store.

Haywood Road, near Haverty

Verdae Boulevard

Verdae Boulevard will receive new sidewalks, medians and repaving from Woodruff to Laurens Road.

Verdae Blvd as it exists before construction

Recently Completed Projects

Sulphur Springs Bridge

The bridge on Old Sulphur Springs Road, near Verdae Boulevard, has been replaced.

Sulphur Springs bridge

Pendleton Road

The city completed streetscape work along Pendleton Road, between the Village of West Greenville Plaza and Irvine Street.

Photo of a street and sidewalk in West Greenville

Village of West Greenville Streetscape

Streetscape work is complete along Pendleton Street, between the new Village of West Greenville Plaza and Irvine Street.

View of Village of West Greenville completed streetscape work

Rhett Street

The Rhett Street streetscape project improves pedestrian access along Rhett Street, between Falls Park Drive and River Street.

Photo showing finished city street project and new pavement

West Greenville Plaza

The West Greenville Plaza, located at Branwood Street and Perry Avenue, provided a much-needed urban gathering place for Village of West Greenville residents and visitors.

Photo of citizens and city officials cutting the ribbon at West Greenville Plaza