Traffic Safety

The Greenville Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety of motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians on the public roadways of the City of Greenville. Our ultimate goal is to achieve voluntary compliance with traffic laws and regulations, which will make all who use our roads safer. In order to achieve this goal, the Greenville Police department uses both enforcement and education to enhance public understanding of traffic law and safety.  

Officer League makes a traffic stop.

South Carolina Traffic Law

Title 56 in the South Carolina Code of Laws deals with motor vehicles and traffic law, and is available online for review.

School Bus Laws

Here is a brief overview of South Carolina's school bus law. South Carolina state law says that a motorist must stop for a stopped school bus with flashing red lights under these conditions:

  • if you are on a two-lane highway, traveling in either direction, you must stop.
  • if you are on a multi-lane highway traveling behind the bus, you must stop.
  • If you are on a multi-lane highway and meet a stopped school bus heading toward you, you do not have to stop but should slow down and pass with caution.

Watch School Bus Safety video


"Move Over Law"

In South Carolina, drivers are required to reduce their speed and exercise due caution when approaching a temporary work zone or an emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the road. This is commonly referred to as the "Move Over Law" and states that when approaching a work zone or emergency scene, drivers must:

  • Keep their vehicle under control
  • Proceed with due caution
  • Significantly reduce their vehicle speed
  • If on a multi-lane highway, move over to leave at least one empty lane between their vehicle and the emergency vehicle
  • Maintain a safe speed for road conditions if changing lanes is impossible or unsafe.