Open Space

By regulating site plans and strategically purchasing vacant land and rights of way throughout the City, connectivity will improve with trails and bikeways.

Open space is undeveloped land that is accessible to everyone. The GVL2040 Comprehensive Plan aims to conserve more than one-third of the City’s undeveloped land. That would mean saving 945 acres of open space, or more than 700 football fields within city limits.

In July 2022, the City presented a Vacant Land Preservation Study to City Council. As part of the study, City staff developed a matrix to score land for appropriate for purchase. 

ControlLing Undeveloped Land

The vast majority of the undeveloped land in the City is privately owned. In order to ensure parts of it stay undeveloped the City can:

  • Purchase land when possible
  • Require public access to open spaces be set aside within large developments
  • Sell "developable height" to developers and put that money in something like an Open Space Fund

In the third case, a developer could earn the incentive of adding stories to their building on top of what the City’s development code allows with a payment to an established fund. That type of fund does not exist yet but would help fulfill a primary priority of the GVL2040 Comprehensive Plan.

Impact on Residents

By regulating site plans and strategically purchasing land and rights of way throughout Greenville, the City will be able to improve connectivity with trails and bikeways. Decisions made in this process will favor pedestrians and livability within the City and help realize all of the GVL2040 goals.